Jobs and the economy

Surrey Street
We need to be ready with the skills and infrastructure to power a successful local economy

The challenge

Economic uncertainty and continued austerity in the UK and changing retail habits mean that high streets across the country are struggling.

Croydon has lots of 1960s office blocks but businesses leave or don’t choose to come here because the space available is old fashioned and usuitable. Croydon has fantastic public transport connections, however the bottleneck on the mainline at East Croydon train station resulting in daily delays due to congestion and overcrowding. Lower numbers of employment result in several negative outcomes, such as poor health, social isolation, homelessness and poverty.

Jobs and the economy infographic

What we’ve done so far

  1. For over three years, Croydon Works has provided a job brokerage service dedicated to supporting Croydon residents into sustainable employment and a free-to-user professional recruitment service working with businesses to find skilled and experiences candidates.
  2. As home to the South London Growth Home we support people starting or growing a business through funding and grants opportunities, networking events, help finding venues and accessing new markets. In particular, the Croydon Digital platorm and events programme is supporting growth and skills in our developing tech sector.
  3. In March 2019 we launched the Croydon Apprenticeship Academy, connecting businesses and training providers with people who are interested in starting an apprenticeship and our award-winning adult education provider CALAT (Croydon Adult Learning and Training), offers more than 500 part-time courses.
  4. Major infrastructure projects, funded by extra business rates for the Growth Zone, will boost growth in the town centre and we’re working with independent organisation, ‘Save the High Street’ to support our high street retailers to succeed.
  5. Created the Croydon Good Employer Charter to boost the local economy through support to the local supply chain, creation of job opportunities and ensuring employees are paid a fair wage.
  6. We are lobbying government for urgent improvements to the Brighton mainline in the East Croydon area, to create a new world-class train station, increase the number of trains into central London per hour and reduce over-crowding on services, and extensions to the tram network.

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