Creating a sustainable Croydon

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We have faced up to the climate emergency to protect future generations. Sustainability is the starting point for everything we do.

Sustainability needs to flow through all our decisions if we are to meet the needs of the present without making it harder for future generations to do the same. That’s why you see sustainability come up in each of our themes. Here we highlight the environmental challenge.

The challenge

We are facing a climate emergency and everyone must play their part to tackle this crisis.

We know that air pollution is a significant problem, leading to many long-term health issues like asthma and in some cases death. At the same time, the use of cars for short journeys is high and the number of people cycling regularly is low.

Although recycling rates are increasing we estimate that around 70% of our waste could potentially be recycled and putting items in the wrong containers can also contaminate recycling and spoil the recycling efforts of others.

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What we've learned so far

  1. We held Croydon’s first ever Sustainability Summit in June 2019, declared a climate emergency, introduced a £250,000 Green Croydon Fund, and have committed to set up a Citizens’ Assembly to develop a response to this led by Croydon people.
  2. Croydon has achieved a 48% recycling rate – a 9% increase from this time last year - after major changes to household recycling and waste collections in September last year. We are on track to meet the 50% target by September 2020.
  3. We introduced variable parking rates in October 2019 to encourage people to opt for low emission vehicles and have plans to install 400 electric vehicle charging points by 2020.
  4. By January we’ll have introduced more School Streets - pedestrian zones around schools at key drop-off and pick-up times - than any other London borough.
  5. We're encouraging use of more sustainable forms of transport through the introduction of new cycle lanes and are supporting the Brighton mainline improvement works and campaigning for a tram extension.
  6. We’re planting 3,500 new trees by 2030 and residents have been helping us look after them in the hot weather.

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