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A £5.25 billion regeneration of our town centre brings so much promise, but the growing pains in the process can be hard on the local business community and its patrons. At Croydon BID, we have a unique role to play ensuring our town centre continues to be a destination we can all enjoy. The experience of Croydon must be a positive one as we deal with the pressures of regeneration and growth, but how do we do this? Our ambassadors play a big part – in their bright pink uniforms, they offer the welcome smile, helpful information, advice and guidance

Matthew Sims

Matthew Sims

Matthew Sims

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Croydon Works was set-up in 2016 to make sure Croydon residents can benefit from the jobs created in the borough, and to help local businesses find local talent. Delivered by Croydon Council in partnership with CALAT, Croydon College and DWP, our service is completely free to residents and businesses. With one of the biggest regeneration programmes seen in the UK, Croydon is undergoing major transformation. This is great news for Croydonians as it brings a whole host of opportunities. It’s not enough to make sure Croydon residents can apply for these jobs, we also need to make sure they have

Adhnan Ahmed

Adhnan Ahmed

Job brokerage manager, Croydon Works

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Dame Judi Dench at the opening of Fairfield Halls

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We know that when we support Croydon’s talent it soars – and we all benefit.

Oscar Jennings outside his home

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We want to make sure Croydon is a place that everyone can call home.

Young people from the Choose Your Future campaign

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People who know, support and respect each other are part of stronger and safer communities.

Surrey Street

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We need to be ready with the skills and infrastructure to power a successful local economy.

Sean Roy Parker and Turf Project clean up

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We have faced up to the climate emergency to protect future generations.